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Agenda & Minutes

  1. All
  2. Administrative Services Committee
  3. Aging & Disability Resource Center Regional Advisory Committee
  4. Aging & Disability Resource Center/Long Term Support Advisory Committee
  5. Agricultural & Extension Education Committee
  6. Board of Canvass
  7. Calumet County Board
  8. Calumet County Library Planning Committee
  9. Children with Disabilities Education Board
  10. Children's Community Options Program & Children's Long Term Support & Birth To Three Committee
  11. Committee on Appointments
  12. Committee on the Rules of Order
  13. Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) Coordinating Committee
  14. Coordinated Services Team (CST) Coordinating Committee
  15. County / Municipal Intergovernmental Meeting
  16. County Parks Commission
  17. East Central Regional SCIP Implementation Council
  18. Ethics Inquiry Committee
  19. Fox Comm Executive Committee
  20. FoxComm Fiscal Advisory Board
  1. FOXCOMM User Technical Committee
  2. Health & Human Services Board
  3. Health & Human Services Board and Aging & Disablity Resource Center/Long Term Support Committee
  4. Highway Committee
  5. Land and Water Conservation Committee
  6. Land Information Council
  7. Legislative Services Committee
  8. Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC)
  9. Loss Control Committee
  10. Planning, Zoning and Farmland Preservation Committee
  11. Planning, Zoning, Land & Water Conservation Committee
  12. Protection of Persons & Property Committee
  13. Public Grounds & Property Committee
  14. Revolving Loan Fund Committee
  15. Traffic Safety Commission
  16. Veterans Service Commission
  17. Winnebago Waterways Steering Committee
  18. Wisconsin Association of Local Health Departments and Boards (WALHDAB)
  19. Wisconsin County Human Service Association (WCHSA)
  20. Zoning Board of Adjustment