Medical Examiner

The Office of Medical Examiner is responsible for the investigation and certification of the cause and manner of deaths as required in various State Statutes. This office also reviews records and death certifications by others when authorizing cremations.

Autopsies, toxicology, x-rays, and other procedures are ordered as part of our investigative process at the discretion of the examiner. Autopsies ordered by the Medical Examiner are conducted by Board Certified Forensic Pathologists.

In addition to the Medical Examiner, there are currently five deputies on staff, and a member of our office is always on call. All staff members either have a medical or investigative background, as well as additional training in death investigation procedures, documentation including photography, and autopsy procedures.

Consultations are available for complicated cases by way of our forensic and medical colleagues, as well as other experts throughout the United States. Our office works closely with law enforcement as circumstances dictate.